A day with a frient

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most popular Zigbee smart home devices

6:30 - Wake up

Time to get out of bed

No problem! With a little help from your frients, it's easy to get through the day.

smart zigbee sensors and alarms, smart plugs, meter interfaces

7:30 - Go to work

Leave your home with peace of mind

Your Entry Sensors let you know if you forgot to close a door or a window. Your Smart Plug Minis tell you if your electrical appliances are in stand by mode and consuming energy while they are not in use

Door sensor for home security
Window Sensor for home security
smart sensors and alarms for home automation and security

12:00 - Check up on your home

Get reassured that your home is safe and sound

Your Entry Sensors spy on your doors and windows to let you know if someone enters your home while you're away. Each Motion Sensor keeps an eye on your home and tells you if there's any movement. If anyone dares to enter your home unwantedly, your Smart Siren will scare them away with its loud voice. Your Intelligent Smoke Alarms reassure you that nothing is burning in your home.

Door Sensor, Motion Sensor, Fire Alarm

17:00 - Come home

A warm welcome home

Your Intelligent Keypad welcomes you home after a long day at work. If you get home at night time it even lights up when it sees you. With help from your Smart Plug Mini, you can turn on your lights with a click. If you are feeling hot, your Smart Cable helps you turn on the fans inside your home remotely.

Zigbee smart socket, Zigbee window sensor
Zigbee smart plug for home automation
Heat alarm for fire detection in the kitchen

17:30 - Prepare dinner

No false smoke alarms

With an Intelligent Heat Alarm in your kitchen, you won't be bothered with false smoke alarms while you are cooking dinner for your family.

19:30 - Time to relax

Spend quality time with your family

Sit down and relax. Enjoy a great movie with your family. With the handy little Smart Button placed next to your couch, you can easily turn down your lights to a cozy TV mode without having to leave the couch.

Panic Button for home care
zigbee sensors and alarms for home care
flood sensor and humidity sensor to protect your belongings

20:30 - Relax some more

Free yourself from worries

Should the heavy rain outside make your mind wander to your concern that all the valuable belongings in your basement are not protected properly from mold, you can now let go of the worries. Your Smart Humidity Sensor alerts you if the environment in the basement could potentially harm your belongings, and your Water Leak Detector warns you instantly if there's a leakage.

zigbee humidity detector and zigbee flood detector

22:30 - Go to bed

End the day comfortably

Before you get too comfortable, you might want to check the quality of the air in your bedroom. Your Air Quality Sensor tells you if you need to open a window before going to bed. Now, you can rest your head on the pillow. Your Smart Plug Minis let you turn off the lights without leaving the bed. Goodnight!

smallest smart plug, zigbee
zigbee socket for home automation
zigbee devices for smart home

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