frients with Homey
Many of the frient devices work with Homey, a multiprotocol hub that gives you countless opportunities for your smart home.
smart home compatibility with Homey hub

Are your frients compatible with Homey?

Below, you can find a list of all frients that work with Homey.

And if you need some inspiration on how to use the frients with this hub, you can find some tips and tricks for Homey as well.

Homey Pro compatible with frient home automation devices

Automate and protect your home

With Homey, you can connect the frients and other devices for a great smart home experience.

Use Homey to send you a notification from your Motion or Entry Sensors that there is suspicious activity at home when you aren't there.

Homey also helps you automate your home by connecting motion sensors to lights or devices and protect it from fire, water leaks, or humidity with the friently alarms.

Make your home greener

One of Homey’s goals is to make your home greener – a goal supported by the frients.

The hub lets you automatically turn devices off when nobody is home, it can send you notifications about unusually high energy consumption or turn off the lights in the house when you go to bed.

With the Smart Plug Mini, Smart Cable, and Electricity Meter Interface you can monitor the energy consumption of your electrical appliances and give Homey the information it needs to make your home greener.

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