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Automate your home with frients and Homey

Being surrounded by many and diverse friends brings color to your life. It brings a new perspective and someone to turn to when you’re dealing with an issue completely out of your comfort zone. You can be very different in personality and lifestyle but still share a great relationship. All you need is a common language for communication and your connection will thrive.

Speak the same language

The same goes for your frients, who need a link to build their network and bring your home to life. Homey uses Zigbee to provide that secure space for communication among all frient devices and you. With a range of functions that match the abilities of the frients, you can use the Homey hub to connect your smart devices and automate your home. You can easily set up, check, and control your frient devices yourself via the Homey Smartphone App. This lets you keep an eye on your home at all times, no matter where you are, and quickly react to unexpected situations.

Customize a friently flow for your maximum comfort

Create flows and cards to control multiple frients with a single action or tell Homey to activate your frients when you need them. For example, you can set the lights to turn on automatically the moment you open the front door. Bring all your groceries straight to the kitchen, without having to struggle with reaching the light switches or bumping into furniture corners and stray shoes on the way.

Have your Electrical Meter Interface, Smart Cable and Smart Plug Mini keep track of your electrical consumption for you. Then, the Homey Insights feature will present you with a comprehensive overview so you can scold your power-thirsty appliances and turn them off when they’re taking up too much of your energy,

By equipping your Homey with frient products, looking after your home and belongings will be easier than ever before, as your smart home system will be better prepared to safeguard what matters most to you. There is a wide range of frient products and features supported by Homey, so you will always have a frient looking after your smart home needs.

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